About Me

Day Job



I believe that everyone on earth who wants to, can learn to code and am committed to spending my career making this happen. I'm currently the Director of Dev Marketing at Microsoft.

Previously I was a founding member and the Program Architect of the Windows Insider Program, the largest community of people on earth using tech to improve their world. Before that, I worked for the UN, studied climate change, worked at DDD (a social enterprise in Cambodia and Laos), served in the Peace Corps, and tried my hand at a few startups that all failed.

Side Hustles



On the side, I run a consulting service called Boxes and Foxes where I advise early-stage startups on their strategy, tech, and operations, and write about how Doing The Math is not the most boring thing in the world. 

I am also the cofounder of the The Origin Stories, a global movement to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs anywhere in the world turn their crazy ideas into profit.  Our first book called Model 47: A Startup Storybook is out NOW

Offline time



Other than being a champion swing-pusher for my toddler daughter, you'll find me hiking, running or playing ultimate frisbee with my beautiful family. 

I'll be the one learning lessons over lattes, negronis, and Sancerre (probably not all at the same time).